Hushpuppi Denied a Bail in an American court ruling:-He Doesn’t deserve a bail

How many people suffered due to his selfish criminal acts? About 2.0 millions of people “known…” Why does he even deserve a court bail, when the FBI has all the proof? opinions

Who is HushPuppi?

RAMON OLORUNWA ABBAS aka HushPuppi-The Fraudster

RAMON OLORUNWA ABBAS is a Nigerian national living in the United Arab Emirates (the “U.A.E.”) (before arresting him), whose social media accounts frequently show him in designer clothes, wearing expensive watches, and posing in or with luxury cars and charter jets.

The FBI’s investigation has revealed that ABBAS finances this opulent lifestyle through crime, and that he is one of the leaders of a transnational network that facilitates computer intrusions, fraudulent schemes (including BEC schemes),1 and money laundering, targeting victims around the world in schemes designed to steal hundreds of millions of dollars.

ABBAS participated in these fraudulent schemes and money laundering in coordination with multiple coconspirators, including the persons referred to herein as Coconspirator 1 and Coconspirator 2.

These are some of his rants on his Instagram account mocking the poor:

HushPuppi Rants Mocking the “Poor”

Yesterday I learnt something, I learnt sometimes when I put out a message and people react to it negatively, it doesn’t mean the message I was passing is wrong, it doesn’t mean I passed it wrongly, it’s just unfortunate that “my people”, who I am passing the message across to are bunch of hypocrites, because around 6months ago when I passed the same message about not patronizing fakes if you don’t want your own craft to be pirated too, the whole nigeria came against me, one singer with bad hair line who is a lover of patronizing fake watches, clothes n shoes even suggested I should be investigated loool, another one jumped in the studio to make a diss track to telli person to stop wearing gucci which is a good thing lol, another artist jumped in my dm to send me death threats in the name of cultism (which I filed a complaint to the police and some necessary ears that are good at taking revenges just incase, already) lol just because I said what was obviously TRUE and now they are all silent as if they didn’t see the same topic trending 🤣, anyways fast forward to yesterday, the same message was flying around this time from a different mouth, and Nigerians be like, true talk, that’s right, they should stop buying fakes and many support the motion and I took time to read several comments and I was amazed when I saw some popular IG figure bashing artists and was against the same thing they supporting just 6months ago, I was shaking my head. This has rebuilt my confidence, to never mind the reaction of people either good or bad, if I know what I’m doing or saying is right, I will never be scared to pass it on, who wants to take it should take it and who doesn’t should leave it but I won’t be silent no more because of y’all hypocrisy.

Some of his followers had to say this:

Hey incredibly valid points but it’s not like he’s taking this money and investing it in helping his people or supporting any sort of cause from what I understand. It’s simply funding a life of absurd opulence on the most morally shallow forum ever, Instagram. If there was any level of this wealth going to actually helping what white people have stolen from the indigenous people of Africa then forgive me, I’m misinformed

Had a helicopter pull up on my Mykonos villa to take me and some super models to scorpios where the party at. Arab money don’t stress

Hushpuppi has been known for being extravagant to the level of even hiring chartered helicopters to fly from Dubai after having lunch to Abu Dhabi simply to have an evening rest and later to be picked up and back to Dubai-Such a life!

Little did he know that showing off your riches without showing any trail of workplace or office will land him in a suspicious tin. FBI has been monitoring him very closely from all his social accounts with his partners in crime and booom, it had to happen. Thanks to the UAE police that worked hand in hand with the FBI.

In my opinion such people like Hushpuppi have done more harm than good in tarnishing a blackman’s race. These are the bad experiences we see all around the world. Many of them have a cause based on the few identities that makes the entire system rotten.

Imagine how many people he led to suffer, psychologically, who died without even pension, salaries and yet they worked hard in their lives to see to it that they live a happy life, ONLY to find themselves in hands of a FOOL! I still believe the judges were right to deny him a bail, and how i wish his Lawyer would be arrested as well? What reasons does he give? Yes anyone can say, anyone has a right to have a Lawyer…..but i wish there was some special cases that can be denied Lawyers like the likes of hushpuppi…..I am not being emotional but …. its the reality.

FBI brought all the information about his stay in the UAE as seen below

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