Musicians resort to Online performances/concerts now!

Covid-19, the dangerous pandemic outbreak has proved to be stronger than anything as of now and in at least the past 50+years. It has taught us different ways of life and given us some lessons to learn the “The Hardest Way”

Many people across the world have been affected not only in their daily way of living but also in other aspects. Among these ones are the music artists in the field of entertainment. We must note that musicians have lost and missed a lot of money during this period.

Creativity being the Art of anyone’s development a few weeks back, Bobi Wine aka Hon. Kyaggulanyi Ssentamu Robert, a Famous Musician and an MP of Kyadondo constituency, exhibited one of the highest order of creativity when he held a live performance online, see the Full Show here: . This act paved way for so many musicians and showed them they can as well have online shows and entertain their fans from online.

Among those who have learned the hard-way from this Covid-19 and got experiences from Bobi Wine is another Famous Tanzanian Music Artist #Diamond Platinumz, he performed right from his home and gave a magical performance, see a preview below.

The ‘Africa Day Benefit Concert At Home’ aimed to raise funds to help families and children in the continent affected by the corona virus pandemic by donating all proceeds raised