The Real Sad Truth Behind Zari’s Hatred towards Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine turned down my collabo in a song i released!!!!!

Zari “The Boss Lady” as she is know to many of you, is a self-claimed Business woman who owns her reputation as a serious selective “Banger” based on the known facts of changing men like clothes and so on…..

It is believed that she still has a hidden hatred over Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu who is the people power leader and an aspiring presidential candidate of Uganda aka Bobi Wine. This is evidenced through the recent and still ongoing feud that Zari sparked on social media when she had the audacity to grade Kyagulanyi as someone who can never be Ugandan president since he has no credentials especially being raised up from Ghetto where she claimed that the latter used to smoke weed.

The sad truth behind this hatred is “believed” to based on the collabo Zari asked Bobi Wine which he turned down. Based on the fact that after listening to the song, it was to crude and meaningless, he was forced to turn down the offer of the collabo which did not taste well with Zari, who always thought can never be turned down by any man as she has always demonstrated by laying down any man she meets.

Zari: The Boss Lady Hit song

Bobi Wine being an intelligent man, realized that the song would lower him down and he chose a different path. Ever since then Zari has kept her hatred towards Bobi Wine.

From other sources it is still “claimed” that Zari being an instagram influencer, she may have been lured by NRM’s huge sums of money to start attacking People power leader which is the main pressure group to NRM and Museveni in general. But the backlash she got after attacking Bobi Wine may not easily be forgettable until she rests in peace.

Hon. Winnie Kizza: “Not running for MP 2021 Elections “

Today Hon. Winnie Kiiza announced that she is not running for Member of Parliament in the upcoming election, despite still being very popular in her constituency.

Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, Member of Parliament (MP) of Kyaddondo East has congratulated Winnie upon her serving diligently and unselfishly supporting the opposition parties. In his own words he had to say:

I celebrate you. The forces of change celebrate you. The nation celebrates you. History will remember you for taking such a bold and courageous decision. I have personally always been inspired by you, but this noble decision makes me admire you even more. You have challenged all of us leaders, both in government and the opposition. God bless you

Bobi Wine

Hon. Winnie is one of those strong opposition leaders, you can look at her as being “Iron lady and superwoman” who is fearless and has been there in the struggle for the change in Uganda. Despite the fact that she is not going to stand anymore for her MP seat, she will remain active and on point.

We wish you good luck in all your endeavors